Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trip down memory lane

The giant blob!

Been making bath bombs this week and it reminds me of all the things I messed up in the beginning when I was trying to learn how to make them.

One I made ended up turning into the giant blob and took up a whole cookie sheet!

The bath bombs still give me trouble some days but never that bad at least.

Picture I took while at the Chile Festival craft show this weekend.

Chile Festival went pretty good. The attendance was way down from the year before but my sales were still good considering the lower crowd. Sure was a long weekend though 6 am- 11 pm sure made me tired!

One more outdoor show left which is this weekend and it is in my home town and only about 1 block from my house. So come to Penrose, CO Apple Day on Saturday, they even give out a free slice of apple pie to everyone.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monkey Farts soap make over

Above are the after make over

Blue one is the before

Next up in the mini make overs is Monkey Farts. Decided to kick this one up a notch with the colors. Next batch I might even change the colors again!

Monkey Farts has top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit; middle notes of pineapple, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.

I will be going MIA till next week. My really big craft show of the year is this weekend.
This one is a 3 day show with long hours as we don't pack up till around 9 pm at night so I won't have much computer time.

If you are in Pueblo, Colorado come stop by the Chile Festival!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

something new! Tidal Wave!

Introducing Tidal Wave! Let the waves roll in with this crisp, fresh aquatic fragrance. One of the cleanest, salty ocean type scents ever!

This one has something special in it as well. I used sand from Point Dume(Zuma) beach in Malibu, California for light exfoliation. This is the same beach Matthew McConaughey likes to surf on so there is always a chance his feet touched this sand.

Long ago I used a bar of soap that had sand in it and I loved it and this has been on my list to do for ages which is why I brought sand with me when I moved from CA to CO. That beach always had the best sand out of all the beaches.

Took me awhile to find the scent to go with the sand. I did a poll on Facebook to find out how much exfoliating people like and it seemed light was the winner so I took it easy on the amount of sand I used.

I do have to say this scent gave me some trouble when I was making it(think instant cottage cheese) so the plan I had with the colors went out the window, but I am still pretty pleased on how it ended up. Sure got lucky! This one will be available in a few weeks.

I will be at Florence, CO Pioneer Day this Saturday so come and say hi!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer medley time again

I always put off making this one because it takes some work but it sure does look cool in the mold!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enchanted Apple soap next mini make over

Sorry for the lack of posts again I was pretty busy and to top it off I have been having troubles with my transfer software for my camera. I figured out a work around till I get it figured out. I also spent last weekend doing an update on my main website which ended up taking me way longer then I planed since I hadn't done an update since April!!!! Still a few more things to get up there but it is much more current now at least.

Next up for my mini make overs is Enchanted Apple type. This one always ended up being too purple in the past I think. So did a small change up on the colors and I think it fits the apple more now. Enchanted Apple is a stunning blend of tart, crisp apples with the slightest touch of sweet vanilla. This is one of the scents on the lighter side for those who don't like super strong scents.

I have been busting out the fire starter orders the last few days. I guess that is the sign fall is around the corner right? I had to go up to the mountains yesterday to gather more materials for making them since I was getting low. I am lucky there are mountains about 20 miles away so I grabbed my niece and we loaded up on the pine cones and such. :)
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