Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monkey Farts soap make over

Above are the after make over

Blue one is the before

Next up in the mini make overs is Monkey Farts. Decided to kick this one up a notch with the colors. Next batch I might even change the colors again!

Monkey Farts has top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit; middle notes of pineapple, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.

I will be going MIA till next week. My really big craft show of the year is this weekend.
This one is a 3 day show with long hours as we don't pack up till around 9 pm at night so I won't have much computer time.

If you are in Pueblo, Colorado come stop by the Chile Festival!

1 comment:

Amy Warden said...

Great job! I love all the fabulous colors! Hope the festival was highly successful for you!

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