Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainbow Sherbet soap

In the mold

Summer Medley soap is taking a slight change. It will look the same but now be scented with Rainbow Sherbet. Everyone always thought Summer Medley smelled like Rainbow Sherbet so I am just making it official now.

I am feeling the push for the start of craft show season. First show is May 5-6 which is just around the corner. I have to get stocked up on bath bombs and cupcake soaps. Also need to work on making new signs for the year.

I am going to start selling my photography for the first time at this craft show so I also have a million things to work on for that. I am starting small and just doing a display rack to sit in front of the booth. Been spending my evenings putting photographs in mats and I do have to say it is nice to see everything all put together.

I will be working on a big custom soap order for a bridal shower in the next few days. Going to attempt to get peacock colors so stay tuned for how those come out.
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