Friday, August 26, 2011

something random

Thought I would share my newest addiction online Pinterest!

It is sorta like an inspiration board where you pin things you see online or on their website. I can sit for hours and watch the stuff people are pinning on the main page.

Check out my own set of boards(I am just getting started)

I have already found many things that inspired me and recipes I want to make.

Anyone on it? if so let me know so I can follow your boards

By the way the above picture(self portrait) is of me wearing the temporary lip tattoos I mentioned on my blog awhile back. They were a touch dry to wear but sure did look cool.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new custom made business card holder



Look at that detail

Check out my new custom made business card holder. It matches my logo! Norenwood made it just from having my business card.

They have some really cool wood signs in their booth. Talk about talent in cutting the smallest pieces of wood and putting it all together to make amazing pieces.

If you want to contact them or 719-684-9565

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chuck Wagon Lunch

My Grandma waiting for the food to be ready

Rustic tables

Cooking the corn

The chuck wagon

Saw a cool cloud/rain on the way home

Last weekend I went with my aunt and my grandma to a chuck wagon lunch. My grandma goes this every year for about the last 15+ years. I have to be honest the food wasn't that great but the point was to spend time with my grandma so that makes it worth it!

Have to love small town community events right?

Friday, August 5, 2011

new Patchouli soap

Patchouli before

Patchouli after

So yep I am getting bored since all I do is restock current soaps. I don't get that much play time anymore as I keep up with the demand for the regular soaps.

So new plan is to do a few more make overs on current soaps. Some will be small changes some might be bigger changes.

First up was Patchouli. This one I didn't change too much just a slightly different base color and then I added a touch of the black.

No craft shows this weekend so I get a small break. Taking my Grandma to a Chuck Wagon dinner thing she goes to every year. Last year I had a craft show so I couldn't take her but I decided not to do that show so I get to go. I will try and take some pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New cupcake soap & craft show post

Back from my Fairplay craft show. Sales were up from last year. Been a strange year, my good shows from last year are all up and all the new shows I tried out I barely got booth fee back.

So what happens when the booth next to you is a craft show friend and you both have the same tent(they were the ones that told me about this tent in the first place)? We made a nice shade walk way for the customers!

New cupcake soap scented Chocolate Cream Cheese which has top note of coconut; followed by a warm middle note of buttercream; and well rounded with a base note of dark cocoa.
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