Tuesday, April 27, 2010

did someone say Zombie?

Got the pictures taken of the Mountain Dew and the Zombie Punch soaps.
In case you were wondering Zombie Punch is sassy citrus blend of lemon, lime and orange juice, apricot and papaya nectars, and garnished with fresh pineapple slices.

Blah looking like rain for my craft show this weekend that should really make it interesting I guess :(

Sunday, April 25, 2010

craft show display test 2

So the first craft show is almost here!!! So it was time to do another test so I could see if I needed more displays. This time I ended up with 2 tables guess I made lots more items since the last test.

This was just a rough set up so no table cloths and I didn't really set the soaps up just put them on the table as place holders. I even have a clearance/ugly/end pieces soap section now! Have some more sign work to get done but I am in the home stretch now. Did see the early weather report is showing a few showers on Saturday which isn't good so everyone keep sunny thoughts in your heads for me :)

I am about to set up the photo area to take pictures of the Mt. Dew type and the Zombie Punch soaps so check back in a day or two for those.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bees part 2

Hey it is me again talking about bees :)
Today I went out and took pictures of an apple tree that was in full bloom and full of bees. It was crazy how loud it was with all those bees flying around. Well I had to take some pictures so I thought I would share a few or you can check out more on http://www.flickr.com/photos/49486087@N07/

Got my space assignment today for the Canon City Blossom day show May 1-2 so it is official that will be my first show!!! Can't wait :)

Oh and I made the front page of etsy this afternoon as well so I do have to say it has been a good week so far! if you want to see the treasury that made it click here http://craftcult.com/vault_list.php?list=10577

Saturday, April 17, 2010

made front page of etsy!!

Just made the front page of Etsy with my Hello Sweet Thang soap!!! Love when I am still up to see it some days it pays to be a night owl :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the great stock up

Did someone say cupcake soaps!?!?!?!?!? knocked out a big group of them tonight in all sorts of scents like coconut, key lime, fig/blackberry, lemon and chocolate. The frosting was made with Whipped Cream scent and let me tell you hard not see it as the real thing when it smells so good!

Also stocking up on camera soaps I have a few more made that need packaged and labeled and I might just make a few other random scents. I have been having fun using up lots of .5oz samples I have gotten over the years so I will have lots of fun random scents made up like Monkey Farts!

Ok next up is getting labels on everything my mom and I spent 1-2 hours cutting labels last night so I see lots of fun ahead putting them on everything :P

oh and I managed to finally get my main website totally redone. I have been working on the code on that thing for ages it seems so nice to mark that off the to do list.
gotsoaps.com if you want to check it out

About 2 weeks till the first show yikes.......so much to get done still......

Sunday, April 11, 2010


the hive in the walls

So spring is here! In the house next to mine there has always been a beehive that lives in the walls(no one has lived in that house my whole life). You hear all the news about how so many bees are dying off it is always nice to see those ones are still doing really good.

Well these bees come over to my yard to get water out of the bird bath and the first few flowers have started to bloom as well. So funny story when I was doing my test craft show display(not far from the bird bath) set up a few weekends ago the poor bees were so confused they kept checking out my candles and such. I am sure they couldn't figure out why they smelled like flowers and were bright like flowers but their was no pollen for them :)

Anyway just thought I would share a few photos and that story and let everyone know I am so glad spring is finally here!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

new soaps

So the green soap in the top picture is a brand new scent Mountain Dew! You all will probably laugh but I haven't smelled a mountain dew in more years then I can remember so I didn't know if the fragrance oil matched or not so I had to go buy a mountain dew :P

The Blue soap same picture is Fresh Laundry/Clean Cotton this one came out super soft so it might take a few extra weeks to cure.

Also did a mini make over on the newest Strawberry cheesecake soap left is the new one the right is the older one. I usually just made the top a soft pink but this time I decided to so a few soft pink swirls in the base of it as well. This one should tone down to a slight tanish color in the currently white area but I think the added pink will make it stand out more.

New website is nearing being done I have to have it done before May cause that is when my craft show season starts. I have about 2 pages left but they are ones that need lots of html code work so going to take a few. Also been busy getting labels on everything and I am still trying to get stocked up the best I can. Sure hard to know what will sell the best since I haven't done craft shows before.
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