Tuesday, July 27, 2010

rain & soap=pack in a hurry

Back from the craft show for the Fairplay Burro Days. Sales were really really good in fact I am super low or out of a number of soaps and I had one customer buy every bath bomb I had with me so out of those too! So needless to say I will be making soap every free minute I have which hasn't been much lately.

Top picture was earlier in the day then all of a sudden it started a blowing rain right into my booth and as you can guess rain and soap isn't a good mix. But I am prepared for that with a fast grab of a large tarp I can cover all the soaps. So how fast can you get packed up right!?!?! Bottom picture has my dad in it as we worked to get packed up before the rain really started coming down.

Also I was pretty much stuck with another soap maker one booth over again. Not sure what it is with these shows 165 booths 3 soap makers and they have to put 2 next to each other. Guess I will never understand that. I still do pretty good because mine are different but sometimes you get the buyers who see the other booth before mine and buy there then get to my booth and say they wish they saw mine first but they already bought. What can you do right!?!?

Well off to cut a batch of Stonehenge soap which reminds me I would say 85% of the customers where guys or buying male friendly scents this weekend it was crazy! I think it has to do with the sign I now put up to highlight I carry scents for guys it must be working. I am thinking tonight I will be making a fresh batch of lavender soap as that was another hot seller this weekend.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

still moving

Soap and Candles are finally set up in their new room

Storage room for molds, colors and scents still lots to upack

Bottom picture is going to be my new work space!

I know I haven't been posting but I have been beyond busy. I am working 2 jobs and did a craft show this weekend and on top of that I am trying to paint and move into my new house. I am behind on making many batches of soap but nothing I can do till I get the move done. Thought I would show you how it is going so far still have lots of unpacking and organizing to get done but at least the stuff is over at the house now.

So hang in there with me I will be back to regular posting soon I hope :)

PS about time to put in more supply orders so any scents you want to see? also starting to think about fall scents.
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