Thursday, June 24, 2010

Newspaper Feature!!

Here is the story out of the Canon City Daily Record today
click on it to read it better

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

testing a new soap mold

Easter Island Faces scented in Stonehenge type

Here is the early look at the new mold I am testing. Round one was toooo boring! I had thought about trying sandpaper on it to give it more texture but that didn't work and the color is way too light. So tonight I shall attempt round 2 of testing.

Thinking this will be a nice gift set of soaps for men but I will also probably do custom orders for different scents as well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

new soaps

Cranberry Crumble

Monkey Farts
Forbidden Fruit

Have a few new soaps done. Cranberry Crumble and Monkey Farts.

Also pictured is the newest batch of Forbidden Fruit. The Forbidden Fruit one came out a little different then my normal as I was making this one during my interview for the local newspaper. It was hard to talk and concentrate on making the soap look the same as I usually make it but I think it came out pretty cool and pretty close.

I should have a link to the story in the newspaper on Thursday or Friday unless the story is delayed again(was going to be this last Saturday).

I am working on a new soap from a really cool mold I got a few days ago but round one wasn't cool enough so still working on the finished design on that one. Early peek at round one in a day or two so check back. Here is your hint it will work really good with the scent Stone Henge yet it has nothing to do with the real stone henge....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

silvercliff show update

Well today's show was a bust. Rained for about 3 hours, was nice for about 30 min then super high winds came in so we packed up early and left.

The show really had no traffic and only about 5 other vendors. Looking like I am not going to bother going back on Sunday cause there is still rain possible and Sundays are usually slower which wouldn't be good at all. I did get my booth fee back and a little extra so might just call that good.

So much for my pretty mountain view I was waiting for the darn clouds covered them pretty much the entire day :(

Anyway here is a picture of me in my booth from today and one of what little I could see of the mountains.

Now the fun part unpacking everything any volunteers to help!?!?!? :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

big things in the works

I know it looks like I have been slacking again but I have good reasons. Trying not to get my hopes up too much in case it doesn't work out so I haven't mentioned this yet but I am in the process of buying a home! I spent the last week helping to get the house scraped and painted which had to be done for the loan. Estimated close date is June 25 so keep your fingers crossed for me! You should see how nice and big my work space will be and after living in 1 bedroom apartments my whole adult life it will be a big change.

I also start working full time again on friday and I have a craft show in Silvercliff, CO this weekend so lots and lots going on. The show this weekend is at the place I showed awhile back on my blog. Can't wait to get some great pictures of the booth with those mountains in the background.

Just thought I would update you all on what was going on :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

male clients

Crackling Firewood, Stonehenge type, Blue Sugar type

I have to say I notice a number of other soap makers don't pay much attention to the male clients needs or just have one scent and call it good. The funny thing is there really are a large number of men who do like handmade bath products and at the least you will find a women who and I am quoting now "needs to get something for a stinky husband/son".

I have worked to expand my male or unisex scents and it is paying off. I have even really set out to highlight them when I do craft shows by making a big sign that says scents for men with a big arrow pointing down. I started making this sign when I would see guys sorta look but move on so I thought at least if I point them to the area I have scents for them they are more likely to stop. After adding the sign I did find lots more men would stop and check things out and buy as well.

By the way it isn't just soap the guys like they even buy the bath bombs! So today I am acknowledging the male clients and saying thank you :)
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