Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new soaps/colors

Storm Watch

Stonehenge type

Blue Sugar type


Fresh Bamboo

Few updated soaps changed colors some on the Stonehenge and the Blue Sugar soaps. Also 3 brand new soaps Mulberry, Fresh Bamboo and Storm Watch.

Loving the Bamboo one I used translucent green so sometimes the bar is white or green depending on how you catch the light.


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Nice! Your swirls are gorgeous.

Thirty-Six Ten said...

Love the new colors! Does the bamboo smell like bamboo? What does the storm watch smell like?

They all look amazing, as always.

Melanie said...

Lovely!! I agree... love the swirls!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

this is what the description is for Storm Watch like cold rain on a window pane, this brisk scent will take you to the stormiest day in your memory!

To me it is like fresh laundry smell but a tad different very hard to pin point what it smells like exactly.

The bamboo is just a real clean scent I can't say I have smelled real bamboo. This one also has a few other things mixed in "wild Bamboo stalks, crisp Aloe and Jasmine Petals with base notes of Vetivert and soft musk mixed together in a refreshing blend."

Anonymous said...

Rather interesting place you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

Avril Swenson

Anonymous said...

Marvelous soaps! I can smell them from Indiana! =)

Amy Warden said...

So pretty! I love new soaps!! I've heard the Blue Sugar discolors really dark - I like how you've worked with it. :)

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I use Vanilla Stabilizer in it to keep it from going crazy dark. It still does a shift but not too bad. I love the stabilizer!!! You should try some out if you haven't already

Boston Bee said...

Ooohhh i am your newest follower and used to own a candle and soap shop! Can't wait to use yours. I always support handmade!!! Glad I found your blog! Come on over and join Boston Bee as well if you get a chance. ;)Alyssa

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