Sunday, August 8, 2010

tent 2.0 & double rainbow

Well back from the craft show and I have to say it was fair. I am slowly learning the things that make a great show.

#1 some sort of event to draw people other then the craft show its self
#2 having the tents pretty close to each other and having good flow of the traffic

This weekends show the booths had too much space between each booth and too much space to the booth across. In the picture the row you see left side is actually the back of the tents not an actual row.

People would cut between booths or go up one side of a row and not even pay attention to the other because they were so far apart. All of that = not enough traffic hitting the booth. Also this show had nothing else going on to attract people so there wasn't the crowds I see at shows with more going on then just the craft show.

This first summer of craft shows is a learning curve for sure I am slowly making a list of ones that are a waste of time and ones that are really good.

I also had to buy a new tent as there always seemed to be super strong winds at most of the shows and my tent frame was barley holding on then to top it off at the last show the zipper broke on the main curtain and when it rains that is a bad thing! So these pictures show my new tent which has a super duty frame and comes with vents in the roof which will be nice as it can get hot sitting in the tent all day!

Cool thing I saw a double rainbow on the way home and the bottom rainbow towards the top of it the colors started repeating again. Never seen anything like that before.

Oh almost forgot I ended up getting a free plug on the radio. They had a country music station broadcasting live from there and the guy happened to be out walking around at one point when he went live. Well he was standing near my booth and because I have a banner(no one else did) that he could read he mentioned my company name and even chatted about my soap for men(another sign he could read). Can't beat free advertising right?!!?


Melanie said...

Love your posts!!! Thanks for all the info you share!! The double rainbow was just beautiful and your tent looks great!! Love your sign!!

ArtTales said...

Looks great it really stands out :D love the double rainbow too!

Anne-Marie said...

It's all a learning process. Just take it in and learn from everything that you can. Great picture of the double rainbow! That has to be good luck =)

Anonymous said...

How cool that you got a free plug from that radio station!! We get double rainbows is such a neat sight!

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