Sunday, April 11, 2010


the hive in the walls

So spring is here! In the house next to mine there has always been a beehive that lives in the walls(no one has lived in that house my whole life). You hear all the news about how so many bees are dying off it is always nice to see those ones are still doing really good.

Well these bees come over to my yard to get water out of the bird bath and the first few flowers have started to bloom as well. So funny story when I was doing my test craft show display(not far from the bird bath) set up a few weekends ago the poor bees were so confused they kept checking out my candles and such. I am sure they couldn't figure out why they smelled like flowers and were bright like flowers but their was no pollen for them :)

Anyway just thought I would share a few photos and that story and let everyone know I am so glad spring is finally here!


Amy Warden said...

Great photos! I didn't realize the dying bees was an epidemic. I knew that my local honey lady's bees had all died, and they had to completely start over.

Thirty-Six Ten said...

I'm so glad you are embracing the bees instead of trying to get rid of them. My daughters don't understand why I love spiders, bugs and snakes in my garden....that means it's healthy! long as they stay out of my house, I'm good!

The Double Dipped Life said...

My Great-Grandfather was a bee keeper. So, even though I still freak out when a bee gets too close, thinking about them from afar gets me all sentimental! Happy Spring!

Scented Candles said...

I love bees! Maybe coz i love honey. Who knows?!

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