Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oppps cut the soap to soon

So look what happens when you start your batch of soap late at night and then try to rush it so you can sleep. More lessons learned! Guess this will be another batch I chunk up and try to make into something new. A few bars are decent(see bottom picture) but sad to say most of the batch was messed up. This is scented with a Bramble Berry blend of Energy, Red Apple, and Cranberry Sweet.


Mia Sophia said...

oh no~ maybe you can salvage some samples around the edges...or send it all to me.. I'll take it off your hands.

I am LOVING the lime/coconut!! it is wonderful!

milk and cookeez said...

OH :(
I know how it is to rush things. Sorry that happened. Maybe make samples (Like Mia Sophia said).
It;s too bad the colors look so pretty and the fragrance sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Darn! It's hard to have enough patience. I don't have any myself, so I'm thinking hot-processed may be the way to go for me. It looks gorgeous otherwise!

Hansen Soap Co. said...

Man! I've done that before!! It sucks! ;P I always lay them flat on a plate (bad side down) and stick them in the freezer for 10 mins. Seems to save quite a few oopses ;) LOL!!

TheEclecticElement said...

Aw >.<
Well waste not want not!
Hopefully, it will be something even better in something new!

Leather Made Nice said...

A friend of mine was rained on at the Farmer,s Market and salvaged hers by cutting them into smaller pieces and repackaged them. I have several pieces. Out of something bad came something good!
Anne ^i^

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