Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basil Nectarine round 2

Top picture is round 1 and the bottom 2 pictures are round 2

As mentioned in my other post I wasn't pleased with how the Basil Nectarine came out so I did shavings of those bars and made a go at saving them with a clear overpour. At first I wasn't digging the round 2 of these but they might be growing on me. What do you think?!?!
So this weekend my computer decided to break guess the video card went out :( just can't catch a break it seems. But it has returned from the repair shop so we are all good now. I was even able to finally get online and place my order for more melt and pour soap from Bramble Berry! now it just needs to hurry up and get here :P


Anonymous said...

I think these look good enough to eat. In fact, they remind me of a fruity Jello-mold! :)

Glad you got your computer back; bummer about the problem though...right after all that hacker trouble.

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