Sunday, May 31, 2009

tooo many fragrance oils

I am back!! Just got my computer back and it is virus free now. Just have to get all my programs back on it now and then work on rebuilding all of my websites then I can get back to soap making.

Thought I would show a few things today first up is the batch of Basil Nectarine soap. This was the scent that won the poll, but I didn't feel my colors came out all that great see pictures. So I decided to chunk it and try again and my redo didn't come out any better. Guess I just need to start fresh and try that scent again.

Next up I thought I would show the reason why I have a hard time picking what scents to make next. I seem to have an addiction to fragrance oils! Now mind you some of these came in my bag from the convention and to top it off it doesn't help me that there is a candle supply company 1 mile from me! Not all of these are skin safe but maybe you get the idea of why I go back and forth on what to work with next. I seem to have them stashed every where in my house :)
Got my new digital camera this weekend!! Now I just need to read the book some more then I will be taking all kinds of great pictures of my soaps so stay tuned.


Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Whew, and I thought I was bad!!! You have more FO's than I do though. I get so overwhelmed by them all sometimes...

Heathen's Hearth said...

Its official, there is someone out there who is more addicted than misty. LOL

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

ha us Misty's must think alike for sure then!

Crazy K Bath and Body said...

I'm embarrassed to admit how many FOs I have but I am so glad I don't live any where near a candle supply store!

Misty said...

Ohhhh...this Misty want...Misty want badddd!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, virus-free! :)

I have to admit, even though I haven't even started making cp soaps, only mp ones, I have already accumulated a good sized stash, so I am not at all surprised at your bounty given that you're a professional!

TheEclecticElement said...

Congrats on being back!
That's exciting and were all glad to have you back :D
And you know, honestly, I think we all have our addictions.
It just matters on what types of things we do.
I'm addicted to beads and jewelry, your addicted to fragrances, then the scrapbooker might be addicted to paper, etc etc.
But it's not necessarily a bad thing! Lol

Anonymous said...

I have that same exact problem! I'm running out of spaces to store everything. LOL I don't think there is a cure for our addiction!

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