Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jasmine anyone?

So what was in the pot this weekend?? Well last night I started a pair of Sandalwood candles. These two candles are going to be a new color combo for me; the client wanted a goldish yellow top and cranberry bottom. I have in the past made that gold color with a dark purple on the bottom. I can’t wait to pull that one out of the mold and see how great those two colors look together.

I also started a pair of Rustic Woods square candles these are going to be cold pour candles in black and mahogany brown.

Started the first of 5 batches of Jasmine soap they will be for a baby shower in May. It is funny how some people like different kinds of scents. I brought this client 1 of every bar of soap I have made and she didn’t like any of them. I soon figured out she was looking for floral type scents. So I came back with some samples of some that she mentioned being interested in and she picked the Jasmine. You have your bakery type people, sweet type scents people and you have the floral people.

It is funny how a scent that I like another hates and vice versa. This happens for me often as one of my top selling scents is coffee. I hate coffee scents they always smell like a skunk if you ask me, but to a coffee lover it smells wonderful. So I can understand why the floral client didn’t like any of my other soap scents.

Next up in the candle making will be a pair of cranberry woods candles and 1 vanilla and 1 lavender heart candles.

Really can’t wait to get done with the 5 batches of Jasmine soap so I can make a new scent I got called Mango Mandrin that one is calling my name!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Wait! You forgot me: I am in the category of The Citrus People ;)

I know - the whole thing reeks (hehe) of opinions. I truly hate lavender and anything "antiseptic or clinical". But, Lavender people don't know where I come from.

To each his/her own.

Joanna Schmidt said...

whatcha working on?

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