Saturday, March 1, 2008

March already?

where has the time went?

Well sad to report my experiment with the dirt smelling soap didn't go over to well with the testers. Initial reports were it was very interesting and different and did smell like dirt, but after time it also made the bathrooms sort of smell like mildew. Well at least I gave it a try, you can't be afraid to try things out cause you never know if you will make something wonderful. Hmm now what to do with all these bars of dirt soap at my place………

Good news to report on February 14 I won The Yummiest Soap Bar contest with my Forbidden Fruit Soap!!! Check out these two links to see the reviews and info

This last week I made fresh batches of Tropical Sunset(Honey Coco Mango) and Cupid soap.

Also been making a number of pillar candles, this week’s main scents have been Pink Sugar and Crackling Firewood.

Funny story I had a stuffy nose this week and earlier in the week I had made a hot pink heart candle in blueberry and also in Pink Sugar. Well I had left the extras in pots and when I wanted to use the pink sugar one in another candle I couldn’t smell which pot was the right one!!! I decided to wait a few days till I could smell again before I attempted to make the pink sugar one just in case I picked the wrong one. Talk about candle makers nose right?

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