Sunday, April 6, 2008

What to do....

I finally finished all the Jasmine!! So I plan to make Mango Mandarin Soap tonight.
Only I have a problem, I forgot to order the orange gel tone! So I am trying to decide what colors to make it. I have a touch of yellow(not enough to change red to orange), some melon color.

I have been wanting to make a black bar with some color swirl in it, just not sure how black soap will go over with everyone. It was tough getting people on board with the brown soaps in the beginning so the black makes me nervous. It is amazing how people do judge the soap based on the color, the brown soaps got alot of those look gross?!?!?! yet they in theory look more natural, who knows right?

Or maybe I will just toss every color I have in and make a 6+ swirl batch?

Going to be interesting to see what I do when I am standing there ready to mix colors.


Joanna Schmidt said...

Hey, good luck! Please take pictures of whatever creation you make! Yay soap, go black!

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

I can't decide I may save the black color for a Chocolate Raspberry FO I have been saving. A nice black bar with deep red swirls could be better.

Anonymous said...

Black chocolate raspberry does sound pretty good.

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