Thursday, October 18, 2007

skull and crossbones

So I have a confession to make, I love picking out scents. I spend a lot of time reading descriptions for scents and let me tell you I wish I was rich because I want to smell so any of them! The list gets bigger and bigger of ones I want to try. Recently it has been cupcakes, crackling firewood, pumpkin cheesecake and I am on the search for something that smells like the ocean or going to the beach.

Tomorrow the cookie jar scent will be in and I can’t wait to pour a candle in that scent for myself! The last few days more of the new air freshener molds came in, including the skull and crossbones one. They are on the larger side so I think they will end up being the window air fresheners that you hang with the suction cup hanger. I will be offering a few on the larger side including the cherries, coffee mug, skull and crossbones as well as the pirate ship.

will write more tonight :)

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