Sunday, October 21, 2007

hard drive went down

Sorry for the delay in posting a new blog. My hard drive went out on my computer so I am waiting for it to be repaired.

This puts a small delay on getting the air fresheners and new soaps up on the site, but hang in there they will be coming soon!

I am also going to make a new shopping cart for my site and I will be accepting credit cards as well as pay pal. So hurry up computer and come home!

The first big x-mas candle order is in so starting to really crank out the candles. This order has freesia, fresh laundry, pink sugar, love spell, vanilla candles in all kinds of colors and styles including the new crackle style. I will post a picture when I get more done.

Tonight I think I will make a batch of soap again, I really want to try the green apple as the new green dye has come in. But I am thinking I should replenish the oatmeal, milk & honey one again. Too many things I want to make, I can never decide!

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