Sunday, October 14, 2007

red hot cinnamon

Above is a picture of a Pink Sugar Palm Tree Air Freshener. This is so you can get the general idea of what I am working on. I will have better pictures when I get more made. They are translucent which doesn't show in the picture.

Picked up some cinnamon scent yesterday for making a red heart air freshener and I forgot to get some vanilla! So I will have to wait till next Saturday to pick that one up.

Seems to be how things are going for me recently I place and order then a few days later I remember something else I needed, or I end up coming across something I need now. Then I have to order again! I can't get my timing to work out the last month :)

One of those things I discovered I needed what a new green dye. I have that order in for the green apple scented air fresheners so I started to make a test batch and I couldn't get the green to be the right shade. Between my hunter/moss green and the regular green food coloring I couldn't get it to match a green apple. The hunter one of course was too dark and the food coloring one were close but it was really more blue then green so that wasn't going to work. So I decided time to order Kelly/lime green.

I find green seems to be a difficult color to work with overall. I have made a number of green candles in the past with green shades and they always give me a challenge. So while I was ordering the new green candle dye I decided to add the soap green dye as well since I plan on making the green apple into soap soon.

I also ordered more of the cookie jar scent since everyone that got a sneak sniff of it went nuts. I am also going to test out some new labels for my candles so I tossed those in the order as well.

Since I was taking the extra time to get the new green I also decided I wasn’t 100% happy with the apple mold I had. So I ordered a new version of the apple and I also picked up a cherries mold as well.

Now that I am looking around more at the different car air fresheners people are driving around with I seem to notice many people have the cherries one. I do have a great cherry scent so I figured that would be a great one to carry.

I also ordered a really cool skull and crossbones mold for my rocker/punk clients. I was thinking it can’t get cooler then seeing a skull and crossbones hanging off your mirror! I also ordered a coffee mug mold for all the coffee lovers out there.

I run out of a few of the basic oils for soap making so there wasn’t any new soaps in the last few days. I did however get the oils picked up by a friend of mine and they are now back in stock so I figure I will make a batch tonight.

The question is going to be what scent to make?!?!?!? I have been wanting to make peppercorn, but I also need to restock the oatmeal, milk & honey as well as pink sugar, and black raspberry vanilla. Guess we will have to see which I feel like making when I get in there tonight :)

Just so can get an idea of what peppercorn is I am going to post the description, once some of you smell it I would love your thoughts on what a good description or a better name for this scent would be.

Peppercorn is:
Another hard to describe fragrance...but I think it's just wonderfully masculine in a dark, spicy sort of way, however, it doesn't smell like black pepper. Many describe it as a sexy man fragrance. You know, like Tim McGraw sexy (oooh, that chest, but leave the hat on darlin'), or George Clooney sexy (not the Facts of Life or the Roseanne George Clooney, but the Ocean's 11 George Clooney hubba-hubba) or Matthew McConaughey sexy (have you SEEN that Stetson print ad?? Dang!).


Mindy said...

I love peppercorn, it's a different scent for sure. I'm the same way with ordering candle supplies it never fails I place the order then I have to order something else. Then don't want to just buy 1 item because shipping is a killer.

Love your display.

Brett Widmann said...

I really like the fact that your making skull and crossbone air fresheners! It really appeals to men who also may enjoy nice smelling things haha. .

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