Friday, October 12, 2007


So when someone asks you what scent is your favorite it is usually pretty easy right? Well I have found that over all the years of making the candles and such that mine changes so often. I do tend to lean towards bakery scented ones on average.

I did notice a trend though of one scent I would have never said I liked but have ended up liking. That scent is Mint. Started with the occasional mint candle, I also made a few chocolate/mint ones and they sure did smell good. I got some foot cream and it was mint and I couldn’t stop opening the jar and smelling it.

I was at a store smelling holiday candles and I found the jack frost one but I couldn’t tell what the scents were from smelling it but I loved it.

I got home and looked the scent up and guess what?!!?!? It was a combo of vanilla and mint!

So I am starting to think maybe I really am a mint person. Hmmm my other to die for scent is usually coconut. I wonder what a coconut mint candle or soap would smell like?

I guess I will have to play around with that combo one of these nights and find out!

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