Sunday, October 7, 2007

more soap!

Last night I made a batch of Wildberry Zinger Tea soap. This scent is amazing and got some great reviews from my scent testers before I even made anything with it. First word out of one of the Ladies mouth was whatever you put that in I am buying!
Here is the scent description for that one so you can get an idea of what it might smell like.
A perfect blend bursting with the natural flavor of black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries, and even cherries! Herbs like hibiscus, rosehips, and chicory give this tea its zing!
I decided to make the main color of the soap bright purple with a blue swirl. I looked very pretty as I poured it into the mold. I can wait to get that one cut and see how it looks inside. And that scent sure made my apartment smell great last night. See attached picture!
While I was in the Kitchen working on the soap I decided to make a Jack Frost Candle (vanilla/mint). I used the square mold for this one and the plan is to try out making crackle candles with it. The crackles looks almost like the candle is breaking you get all these wonderful lines in the candles. I should be doing the crackle tonight so I will let you know how it goes.
Still working on the air fresheners! I ran into a snag that I was not able to find the tool I needed to make the holes in them for hanging at any store around here. I ended up having to mail order one, which should be in on Tuesday. Then watch out cause I am going to start cranking them out.Got good reviews on the few sample ones I made. Already got an order for a large batch of green apple scented ones that one lady is going to use for teacher holiday presents. I set pink sugar and Jack Frost one in my car to test them out and they sure make my car smell good!


Mia Sophia said...

That soap sounds amazing!

Oils and soap said...

i've never tried the combination vanilla/mint, but sounds good:d

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