Monday, August 23, 2010

so much soap

I have made a ton of soap and now I am running out of room on the rack! Still lots to go! The list never seems to end of soaps I need to make and I haven't even started into the glycerin soaps. Also really not looking forward to putting labels on all these soaps. Will have nice pictures of the newest scents I am making in a few more days.

Side note almost got the downstairs work area ready. Got my new double burner so I can make candles and have a mini oven top down there. The goal is to get the crafting out of my kitchen so I can have a normal kitchen again. Some how the soap making takes over the entire kitchen and leaves no room for food prep. I also scored a great big work desk at the goodwill for $20 loving all the space that thing will give me to work on.


Boston Bee said...

From a former candle and soap maker, I understand the taking over your kitchen. I finally moved everything downstairs into a workshop area and it worked much better! You have beautiful items! Keep your soapy chin up and keep bubbling! ;)

Anne-Marie said...

Awesome Goodwill Find! Sounds like you're one busy soaper =)

Anonymous said...

So cool about your soon-to-be workspace downstairs! It's imperative to have a dedicated work room, especially when you do it for a biz. :)

Amy Warden said...

I'm in production mode again too - and NOT looking forward to the wrapping & labeling part either! Your workspace looks fantastic - what a great deal!!

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