Saturday, June 12, 2010

silvercliff show update

Well today's show was a bust. Rained for about 3 hours, was nice for about 30 min then super high winds came in so we packed up early and left.

The show really had no traffic and only about 5 other vendors. Looking like I am not going to bother going back on Sunday cause there is still rain possible and Sundays are usually slower which wouldn't be good at all. I did get my booth fee back and a little extra so might just call that good.

So much for my pretty mountain view I was waiting for the darn clouds covered them pretty much the entire day :(

Anyway here is a picture of me in my booth from today and one of what little I could see of the mountains.

Now the fun part unpacking everything any volunteers to help!?!?!? :)


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Well that bites! But your booth looks great, and I loooooove your t-shirt! Better luck next time, and that's a LOT of soap!

KristiMcMurry said...

Your booth looks AMAZING! Sorry it was a bust :( Wish I could help you unpack!

Amy Warden said...

What a bummer. :( I showed up at the farmer's market on Saturday thinking it wouldn't rain...but it did - A LOT! Had to pack everything up in the rain too. It's disappointing, but at least you got your money back!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I'm sorry that didn't work out. You had a great looking booth though, if that's any consolation.

Anne-Marie said...

Darn that weather! On a happy note, your booth looks awesome. The colorful soaps look amazing lined up like little soldiers!

Splurge Sisters said...

I like your tiered soap display and your soaps are lovely and colourful. The windows on the sides of your tent are great.

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