Tuesday, June 1, 2010

male clients

Crackling Firewood, Stonehenge type, Blue Sugar type

I have to say I notice a number of other soap makers don't pay much attention to the male clients needs or just have one scent and call it good. The funny thing is there really are a large number of men who do like handmade bath products and at the least you will find a women who and I am quoting now "needs to get something for a stinky husband/son".

I have worked to expand my male or unisex scents and it is paying off. I have even really set out to highlight them when I do craft shows by making a big sign that says scents for men with a big arrow pointing down. I started making this sign when I would see guys sorta look but move on so I thought at least if I point them to the area I have scents for them they are more likely to stop. After adding the sign I did find lots more men would stop and check things out and buy as well.

By the way it isn't just soap the guys like they even buy the bath bombs! So today I am acknowledging the male clients and saying thank you :)


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Good point! I've been thinking about this myself, and while I can honestly say that men definitely aren't my target audience, I've had a few male buyers. But yes, we should consider the fellas when planning our next batch. They spend money too!

Anonymous said...

Hah! That's clever!

I have a funny story: you'd given me a little sample of crackling firewood when I ordered from you last time. I loved the scents of all the soaps I'd picked out, but when I sniffed the Crackling Firewood, I said to dh, "I'm not so sure about this scent; what do you think?" He sniffed it and said, "I think it's fine; I like it." What?? This is Mr. Fussy himself...he won't use half the soaps I buy because he doesn't like the scents for whatever reasons. So, I guess this proves that Crackling Firewood is, indeed, a manly sort of scent. LOL!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

it is funny the first customer at my last show was a boy who was around 10 I would say. He decided he wanted to have a bar of Leather soap so you never know who your customer will be but having options for them sure does help. Teresa I do like that firewood one myself but I agree not a kind of scent I would use cause it is more on the guy side for sure!

At my last show a guy even joked where was the WD-40 scent, lol

Amy Warden said...

So true! I have several regular guys who like the soap better than their wives! My market manager's girlfriend finally convinced him to use my soap in the shower and now he's hooked!

Anne-Marie said...

My husband likes the Blue Sugar type as well. It's in our shower right now and he actually said he liked it. Woohoo!

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