Friday, May 14, 2010

new Soap trailer and banner

So ended up getting a trailer today to haul all my soap stuff in since I had a car and a truck packed full. This will also help keep the rain off things(it rained last show) and make it so two vehicles don't have to be taken to shows that are longer distance.

My new banner came by UPS today this one is 10 feet x 2 feet and is for the outside top of the tent. Trying to do more things to bring attention to my booth and thought this might help. Sorry for the not so great picture of that one but it is raining outside at the moment :P

Been working on Bath Bombs this week. The pictured ones are Zombie Punch and 7-up. Have some in Summer Medley and Whipped Cream almost set up and tonight have to decide which two scents I will make next.

Really been digging the Zombie Punch scent I think it is the fact that the base of it is papaya and it has me thinking I might need to make a soap that is straight papaya. Too bad I decided this after I just placed my supply order!

Anyone else like Papaya?


ArtTales said...

wow you seriously have space now!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting about the new trailer and banner! Looks great, both of them! =) I'm so excited for you at the way your biz is growing.

Amy Warden said...

Looks like you're getting pretty serious now! Very cool trailer & banner!! I think papaya is a new trend - I got a sample of "pink papaya" from my fragrance supplier and it rocks!!

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