Thursday, April 15, 2010

the great stock up

Did someone say cupcake soaps!?!?!?!?!? knocked out a big group of them tonight in all sorts of scents like coconut, key lime, fig/blackberry, lemon and chocolate. The frosting was made with Whipped Cream scent and let me tell you hard not see it as the real thing when it smells so good!

Also stocking up on camera soaps I have a few more made that need packaged and labeled and I might just make a few other random scents. I have been having fun using up lots of .5oz samples I have gotten over the years so I will have lots of fun random scents made up like Monkey Farts!

Ok next up is getting labels on everything my mom and I spent 1-2 hours cutting labels last night so I see lots of fun ahead putting them on everything :P

oh and I managed to finally get my main website totally redone. I have been working on the code on that thing for ages it seems so nice to mark that off the to do list. if you want to check it out

About 2 weeks till the first show much to get done still......


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Lovin' the new website layout! It's much easier to follow now:)

LynnAnne said...

Your new website looks great! Dosent it feel good to use up the bits and reorganize??

ArtTales said...

You've been busy! Don't forget to breathe ;)

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