Friday, March 5, 2010

Winter Blues

Ok so I know I haven't been posting as much recently. I swear I have a bad case of the winter blues! Having moved from CA to CO in the middle of winter has been rough. I think I have been missing my warm sunny weather and it put me in a funk the last few weeks where I didn't want to work on anything. But worry not it warmed up some this week and I have been going to an indoor pool to do some swimming(trying to trick myself it is summer, lol) so my mood is picking back up again. So hang in there with me while I work on saying goodbye to the funk!


Artisan Soaps said...

Goodbye to the Funk!

I'm glad the swimming is helping you beat the blues .. Speaking of which - Wow, that colour is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have winter blues! In addition to swimming, you might want to try vitamin D also. :)

Hope the funk will be gone quickly!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

I love that color too, but I admit I love winter-it gives me an excuse to be lazy and eat a little more because I can wear layers to cover it all up lol...

MissKArt said...

I hear ya! Those winter blues get to me bad. I don't wanna do anything but hibernate and I hardly get any artwork done. I hate winter. I'm so glad it was warm today. But it's good you found a way to cheer up! Cool soap :)

Anonymous said...


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