Thursday, March 11, 2010

broke the funk!

see almost no coconut oil left :( the bottom of 35lbs of it!

I finally made soap tonight!! I was getting pretty low again on Sandalwood(see pic) so I had no choice really, lol. Sad to report though that is probably the last batch of cp soap for awhile as I think I don't have enough coconut oil to make another batch. Also starting to get low on lye so at this point I am just waiting for the Tax refund check fairy to hurry up and bring my check so I can order stuff! :P Till then I guess it is time to play with the melt and pour soap some more.

On a different note today I sent off my entry for my first ever craft show!! Just waiting for my table cloth to get here then I will do the test run set up of everything. That reminds me I need to work on typing up labels to go on the shelves and such, more for the to do list!

1 comment:

MJ's Jewelry said...

congrats on making soap!

And congrats on entering your first craft show!

By the way...the list is never done. :-)

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