Thursday, October 29, 2009

follow up on Cherry Cola Soap

So if you remember back to my The Story of Cherry Cola soap I mentioned this one seems to change color as time goes on and comes out looking even better.

Well I figured it was time to check in on it again and sure enough it is really coming out great. The red has calmed down and softened out like the first batch I ever made in this scent. What do you all think? bottom one is the same soap just when it was fresh.

Big news this last weekend I purchased my first craft show tent!! One step closer to doing shows when I get moved back to Colorado.

I also have a new domain name which is way easier for everyone to remember it is so cool right?!!?
I am getting a rush of candle orders from my regulars, they are all trying to get them in before I leave the state on Nov 18. So for the next week or so I think I will be pouring candles non stop!


audreyscountrycrafts said...

That soap looks great! It's amazing how it changes color. You will have so much fun doing outdoor shows. Wish we had them up here.

Abigail said...

Wow! Those look AWESOME!!!

dicope said...

Hello ! I love your blog !!

I want to invite you to participate in my Giveaway !!

Kisses ^^


Kate & Oli said...

Love your new domain and your soaps always look so great!

Anonymous said...

Have I missed a post here and there? You're from CO and are moving back?

I love the new domain name...very clever, very catchy! =)

And the soap does look wonderful!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

well I think I posted it on facebook more. Yes I have decided it is time to leave Los Angeles and move back to where all my family is. Want to own a house someday and that isn't going to happen here so time to get out I guess :)

Kim said...

I just love your cherry cola soap. How the heck do you get the red so intense? It's gorgeous!

Acai said...


LynnAnne said...

This soap looks great. Top colors are especially vibrant!! Good luck on the Colorado move. Sounds exciting!

Neil said...

Your soaps are so colourful! Love the look!

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