Monday, June 29, 2009

The Story of Cherry Cola soap

Thought I would talk some about my Cherry Cola soap today. I went to the Bitter Creek convention 1 year ago and they had up a table with every scent they carry. I spent a good deal of time there smelling all of them and the minute I hit the Cherry Cola I was blown away by how great it was. As soon as I got home from the convention I placed an order because I had to have that scent.

I decided to make it into some soap see top picture, well I couldn't seem to sell any in that scent which was odd since it is so good. Well turns out that it was just because the picture was so bad most people didn't even pay attention to it the top picture is one of the early ones of the soap and still a better picture then what I had up for a long time. I also noticed that over time the soap changed colors and the lines got softer as the second picture is still the same soap as the first picture. When I posted the updated picture(pic 2) all of a sudden people were taking notice of this great scent and by picture 3 update it is fast becoming a top seller.

Well I am down to my last 2 bars so it was time to make a fresh batch again. 4th picture is the batch I made this weekend, I used the same colors as the first batch and once again it is similar to the coloring of the first picture. So maybe this soap is like wine and it gets better and better colors with time?!?! Will be interesting to see if this one changes to a more purple color with soft lines.

PS I learned that it really pays to have good pictures!


Mindy said...

I bet they smell wonderful, I might have to get me some soon.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a highly unusual, but fun scent! Boy, the colors really did get soft and pretty, didn't they?

Kim said...

If a soap could talk, this one would say, "Come hither." Nice job!

My boyfriend and I are cherry coke maniacs!

Leather Made Nice said...

Wow! the colors just pop. hehehe! I wish I had a scratch and sniff monitor. :D

Anne ^i^

Audrey said...

That looks amazing!! Now I'm thirsting and want to take a shower!

The Clean Diva said...

and boy am I glad that you found it. I LOVE this soap.

Body Natural Soap said...

Those look Fantastic. Cherry Coke!! I love it

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