Monday, May 25, 2009

Love spell soap version 2

So this weekend I did manage to make a fresh batch of Love Spell type cp soap. I decided to change the colors up some by adding some green mica and oxide. See the first picture for the before and the 2nd picture for the new version. Both versions include black jojoba spheres for light exfoliation.

On another note I tried to go buy a new digital camera this weekend but the HUGE camera store was sold out as well as another branch they had. Not much else open on Sunday's so there went my plan to work on new pictures all weekend. :(

Going to try another melt and pour batch of soap just trying to pick the scent like normal. Also need to fix my not so great colored batch of basil nectarine, I see chunk soap in the future for those I am thinking!


Crazy K Bath and Body said...

I love Love Spell scented soap!!! It's my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Is it as nice as your Pink Sugar scent? :)

I used a bar of your's the one with the cream colored top part, and has some exfoliating swirls in the central part (no label) and totally loved it! I'm so glad there are a couple more in the box. ;)

Little Shadow Creations said...

~Very cool color combo!:)

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