Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I know it looks like I slacked this week and didn't post anything new, but I had a small problem this week that took up my free time. Some hackers got into my main website and had put in malware. I am pretty good at html coding but it took some work to figure out what they had done. I am blacklisted at google until they come back around to review me again to see if the malware is gone. I was able to fix the problem and so far haven't seen any new problems. Just a waste of my time this week!

Hey on a good note I have a 3 day weekend so I hope to make lots of new soaps until I run out of supplies that is :P


LynnAnne said...

I feel your pain! Someone got into my hotmail and spammed my whole contact list. Worse, could get it out! Computer geel son to the rescue!!

TheEclecticElement said...

You know I don't know why people even want to do that!
It just means they have no life.
Good to know your back up and runnin!

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

What a freakin douche!

Glad you've worked it all out.

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