Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so looking at all kinds of cool stuff on etsy I became addicted to terrariums! So this past weekend I took a soap/candle break and made my own terrariums.

Found some scottish moss at the garden store, man is that stuff soft to touch. I went on a big search on etsy to find the just right items to go in them. Found a bunch of great mushrooms from heylucy . This little guy is going in the smaller one (blue top lid) I am putting on my desk at work and this snail, big mushroom and all the other little mushrooms are going in my big one for home.

The scottish moss is great because it doesn't take much light or water and since I get pretty much no direct sun in my place that is just what I need.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best the battery was going dead so I was rushing.


Mr Lee said...

Oooh,your art works are absolutely fantastic!Loving handmade works.
Hope your all doing well.Look forward to further communicating with you.
And we invite you to our blog.Thank you.


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Love them -how clever great finds in them!

TheEclecticElement said...

Those are too cute!!
And I think those pictures are fabulous :D

The Fern and Mossery said...

Very wonderful. Check out my blog for tips on how to keep them alive and healthy for a longtime!


The Kitty Litter Disco said...

omg i love them :)

katy said...

etsy definitely made terrariums cool again! those are super rad. ^.^

Samantha said...

So adorable! I've been wanting to try and make one for myself for a while.

I'll have to go check out the link someone posted on keeping them healthy too. :)

Great post, thanks!

emmarie Designs said...

Those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything you _can't_ do? ;) What cute terrariums! Hope you had fun taking a break from soaping.

Alchemy Diva said...

Very cute. I've been wanting to try one (when I'll ever fit the time in for it is anyone's guess...LOLOL)but you've given me inspiration.
great work.

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