Saturday, February 7, 2009


So what determines prices?

I get to thinking about this often while looking at other people's sites. I feel I have pretty decent prices maybe on the cheap side compared to others.

That price difference doesn't mean my products aren't as good as the more expensive ones.

I can offer lower prices because my overhead can be much cheaper then other people. I happen to live in Los Angeles, which allows me to get a large number of my supplies locally. I don't have to pay shipping costs on the heavy stuff other people do and then they have to pass on those charges to the price of the products they offer. I am able to drive within a mile to pick up such things wax, candle jars and many other things that would cost a ton of dollars to ship. Same goes for my soap supplies, I can get the heavy oils around here thus saving tons on shipping costs. I do have some things shipped to me but they aren't the big items.

Living in a big city has it advantages for sure. If I come to the point of moving back to the county in Colorado again I am sure I would have to charge more as I too would have to depend on having things shipped to me. Until then I am happy to pass my savings on supplies on down to my clients.

Well on to other things, round 2 of the exploding frogs went about the same. Still mastering these little guys, looks like they are going to be a challenge to figure out. I am still getting a reaction so I may try pouring the last pour while in the freezer next time.

Got some new colors in for making the bath bombs so I made up another batch of lavender ones and they came out pretty nice (see pic). I really need to find more colors, if you didn't figure it out yet I love colors! I always had very vivid photographs when I was in photo school and after, guess that still continues in my other "artworks".
Well off to make more bath bombs!


Teresa R said...

I'm kind of envious you live so close to your suppliers, but I do enjoy living out in the country. Trade-offs, I guess. :)

Sounds like you're getting very close to success with the exploding frogs!

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Your overhead is a lot lower so you can afford to offer lower prices. Consumers don't always get that and equate lower prices with lower quality. I envy you too. My closest supplier is about 85 miles away-not willing to make that trip to pick up yet:-D

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