Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bath Bombs!

Here is round one of testing bath bombs, went ok so far the real test is how they dry over the next 24 hours. There is also the test in the tub, tough work testing out these new products right? These were Black Raspberry Vanilla with a touch of pink color.
Stay tuned for the results. Once I get these mastered it will be time to move towards bath bomb cupcakes and soap cupcakes.


Soapy Elephant said...

Your soaps are beautiful! I just love the vivid colors in your soaps
I bet your bath bombs are wonderful to! They sure look great! I always have a problem with them falling apart.

Sandy said...

Misty, I love the look of you bath bombs. I bet they smell great too. Like Soapy Elephant, mine always gall apart.
BTW, can you email me with directions on how to get my etsy items on my blog, the way you have them? I am so clueless about so much of this blogging!

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