Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fish Bowls

here is the first round of testing to figure out how to make these
still have some kinks to work out so they are more clear and you don't see lines.
Clear Melt & Pour soap with fish toy embeds, Green Apple scent
these first three are going to my sister's 3 kids to "test" for me :)


The Crazy, Crafty Chick said...

This is different! I've never seen the fish bowl soaps in a container before. I've always seen them in bags. Very original!

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

well got I got the tip from a fellow crafter on the bittercreek boards. So I can't take credit for it, she did a good job of thinking out of the "bag" to come up with it. I heard the bag ones are very hard to make so there was a lot of interest in people making them like this.

samiyr said...

I like the container, but wish it was a little more clear ( as in the soap ) so it looks like clear water. But great job

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

that is what I am still working on getting better at. Part of the fun of testing and figuring out how to make them look better. This is also my first real attempt at M&P soap outside of a small class I took years ago so that makes it harder for me as well.
anyone have thoughts on if the water might cool with a sorta blue ocean tint? like some clear some blueish?

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