Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year

I know I haven't posted in ages! Got a huge holiday rush this year and I had a touch of burn out when it was over so I took a small break. Been working on cleaning my house up and I am about to start inventory so I can work on the dreaded taxes.

This holiday season I was experiencing some growing pains. My internet business more than doubled since last year which is a good thing. But I had a hard time keeping up with everything. I am at the point where I need help but there isn't extra money for help. I took some days off from my regular job to work on orders. The biggest help was my mom coming over more most nights for a few hours to label soap and help pack orders.

Put in some late hours and had little sleep for about 2 months but got everything done. How do some of you handle the growth of your business?

I am also at a cross roads where I am starting to split my focus between soap and photography. I went to college for photography and some how as life went along and bills had to be paid I took different jobs out of the field and I have found myself far away from what I wanted to do.

Been spending the last few months out taking pictures when I had some free time. I have a huge book of images from photo school and after but most are people type things and not what people buy for their walls so it is time to build some sell able stock. I started another Etsy shop and a Facebook page.

I have to say I am finding joy again while I am out taking pictures. It is good to get back to your roots.

Back to soap! I am looking forward to picking out some new scents for the year. This year my cousin is going to be coming over to help me. Thought it would be good to have a second opinion as some of the scents I picked last year weren't as popular as I thought.

Happy New Year everyone!


TeresaR said...

Good for you for going back to what you love and gives you joy!

My sister, who just started her soaping biz recently, wishes she had your growing pains. ;) Is your business doing well enough that you can go with a part-time job so you'll have more time for it?

Best of luck! I hope that 2012 will be a successful and pivotal year for you!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

Tell your sister it just takes time. I have been at this since 2003.

Some times it is enough to work part time but then there are times like now where it will be the slow months and a real job is needed.

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