Thursday, July 7, 2011

Craft show report

Above is the new transport box my dad made. Top level holds cupcake soap, bottom holds bath bombs.

#1 item needed for hot summer craft shows is a battery operated fan!

Monument show before the parade was over & the rush started

Cooking right on my back wall.

Busy weekend! Sat-Sun I was in La Veta, CO at Art in The Park. The show was pretty good. It could have been a really great show but it ended up hailing on Saturday at 2 pm which was just when the crowd was getting big. After the hail everyone pretty much cleared out. The hail knocked all kinds of dirt onto my tent so now I need to pitch the tent and give it a bath before the next show. :)

Monday I was in Monument, CO. This is a much bigger area then the other show. It was sooooo hot on Monday I think the temp was at least 103 and then when you add being on a black top it was hot! To top it off the back side of my tent had a food vendor who was cooking food on stoves, so that was adding even more heat to my tent. Let's just say I was cooking all day and it has taken me 2 days to start to feel back to normal again.

The Monument show had a high booth fee and the sales weren't that great really. I made a profit but not much of one. Not looking like I will be going to that one again. Craft shows are such trial and error!

I get this weekend off from shows then I will have 2 more shows before the month is over. Already time to start booking the fall shows again!

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