Thursday, June 23, 2011

To cut down or not?

Above is the never ending baby trees coming up around the big tree

The other two trees.

So I have been at my new house almost a year now. Slowly working on getting the yard fixed up a little at a time. I have been planting things including 2 new trees, flowers, herbs, tomato plants.

But I have a small issue I am trying figure out what to do about. I happen to have 3 trees that are driving me crazy. I have no idea what kind of tree they are but they put off so many baby trees it turns the place into the jungle.

You have to pull them out before they get too big or you have to dig them out. Not long after taking them all out there were tons of new ones coming up. It is a never ending battle. They are even showing up in the yard of the neighbor who lives across the street. I am sure they aren't happy either!

They must be a pretty hardy tree type cause it has only rained 1 time here so far this year so they aren't getting water, yet they still grow.

So I am starting to decide if I should cut them down and start some nice new trees in their place. 2 of them don't really provide direct shade but the 3rd one(that does most of the baby trees) does provide some shade on the sunny side of my house.

I hate to cut down trees but I can't seem to win. What would you do?


BizzyBees said...

With the tree being that invasive, I would seriously consider cutting it down(I hate to even say something like that). You can plant something like an aspen or a willow. These two trees are pretty fast growing and will provide shade in a few years. The aspen does send up suckers though.

TeresaR said...

I'd need a closer picture of both the leaves and the bark of the tree to figure out what it is, but from what I can tell, they look like walnuts.

We're trying to get rid our walnuts here too...some anyway. They exude a toxin from their roots which kill our other fruit trees. Grrr.

Ann Stoermer said...

I would do a little research first. Maybe take a clipping to your local nursery and see if they have any tips to keep them at bay. We once had a Poplar tree in a rental house and it sent off so many suckers that it drove us crazy! Maybe there is a trick to it...

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

Good idea. I really should ask a pro who knows about these kind of things. Cause I would keep the tree if I could stop the baby stuff.

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