Saturday, May 28, 2011

scouted a craft show today

So this is my ummm I forgot to take the camera with me picture!
I did get to wear my Scotch Lobster hat to the craft show. I am not a big hat wearing kind of girl but I burn pretty easy so I needed to keep the sun off me.

Went to scout a craft show I almost did but decided against it. Decided to see how it was before I do it. Old Colorado City historical days in Colorado Springs, CO.

This one has a way higher booth fee, you also need to have higher liability insurance which would cost me more. Adding to that venders were suppose to wear old west themed outfits which I own none. So all those things = high enough additional costs to make me have to think about if I would do it or not. Putting out all the extra money can be risky because Colorado weather in May is a crap shoot. Some weekends it is nice, some it is raining and others it can be snowing.

I was going to have all these cool pictures of the show but ya the camera was still sitting here next to the door. It was kinda nice to just go to a craft show and not be working for once. Getting parking wasn't too bad and there were lots of people around. The crowd levels were almost the same as the Chili Festival I did in September. Didn't see a ton of people spending money, well other then for the funnel cakes that is. Funny how even if people have no money there is always money for a funnel cake! People might not have been spending because we got there right around lunch time.

The large crowds can be good or bad as I have learned because it can make it hard for people to stop and shop as the crowd just pushes forward.

So turns out very few of the vendors followed the wear a western outfit rule. Funny how at some shows rules either are enforced or they aren't. Verdict is I guess I will give it a try next year as it is in a nearby market I haven't tried yet and there was only one other soap maker there.


TeresaR said...

What a cute picture of you! :) It is fun to see the scene from "the other side", isn't it? And of course there's always money for funnel cake...even if I have to take it out of my kids' wallets, I'd get me a funnel cake at the fair, any fair. LOL!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

Ha Teresa! The other thing people have been spending the money on is those huge plates of ribbon fries. Even I am guilty of trying some out. I usually pass on the funnel cakes because I worked for 3 summers when I was a teen at a tourist trap where I made a ton of them so kind of sick of funnel cakes still!

TeresaR said...

Oooh, ribbon fries...I could go for those too! ;) I almost envy your teen funnel-cake-making job...almost...LOL! I'd rather eat them than make them.

Fresh Garden said...

Yes, I love ribbon fries....

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