Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the many colors of Love Spell soap

This was a total color mess up because I was trying to make it the same blue as the bar above but used the wrong blue and it ended up turning white.

New batch is a soft purple with a soft blue swirl.

So over the years I have changed the colors of this scent with nearly every batch. Thought I would show the history leading up to the newest batch.

Wonder what color this one will be next!


Amy Warden said...

It's a soap of many colors...you just never know. Great scent - very timeless. I'm imagining that you'll have quite a few more by the time you call it quits!

TeresaR said...

"Misty and her Technicolor Dream (Love Spell) Soap!" LOL! All the colors are lovely!

Anne-Marie said...

What a fun photo collection! I like the new one, super pretty and soft. The green and pink swirl is great as well, it reminds me of a lava lamp =)

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