Monday, February 14, 2011

What is your style?

This post is thanks to Patrice's comment on my 7-Up soap picture from awhile back.
"This has the all the earmarks of a Misty soap"

That comment made me remember that I spent a year in photo school trying to learn really what style meant. It was a very hard thing to pin down when you were really just learning what you liked to take pictures of. I ended up doing something that wasn't at all my style because I didn't know what my style was back then but it taught me the general idea of what style is.

I ended up taking pictures of semi trucks that had lines on them and the trucks had to be parked just right so that the lines would match on the trucks. Can you imagine how hard it was to find all of these things together at the same time! I remember having to go to industrial areas and asking permission to go onto the lots, using ladders and anything else I could do to get the shots(I had to have 12+ different ones!). I attached a few pictures so you get an idea of what I did.

My real photographic style came out after I took lots and lots of pictures over time.
If you want to see my current photographic style check out my photography website. (check out all the galleries)

Style is being able to tell someone's work just by looking at it.

I think the same thing happens with soap, the soap I made when I started is nothing like what I make now. At some point with maybe 20-30 batches under my belt I could start seeing what my style is now coming out.

I think there are a number of soap makers who if you saw the bar but not the name of the maker you might be able to tell who made it. With soap it can be things like whipped tops, the colors or swirls, the line, the way bars are cut, even down to how someone packages them.

What is your style? (this applies to all types of media)

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Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

wow! i'm an inspiration?! how honorable-seriously! and i didn't know you were a photog-no wonder your pics are so fab!

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