Thursday, February 3, 2011

out with the old

Blueberry Slushy

So it is time to decide what new scents I am going to carry this year.

Time to stop making some of the under performer soaps as I will call them. Going out(when supplies are gone) will be leather, cucumber melon, warm vanilla sugar, coconut, mulberry, basil nectarine, storm watch, enchanted apple & zombie punch(still undecided on these last two) and maybe some others.

Going to be lots of new scents this year starting with Beer scented soap for the guys. Cream Soda & Blueberry Slushy(see picture) to add to my cola/soda line. Many others that you will see when I get them done.

Also returning will be some of the scents I added right towards the end of the year that ended up being a hit including Plumeria, Wild Mountain Honey and Lilac.

One thing I do notice when I pick out new scents is I like fruity scents so my shopping cart will be full of them and nothing else, lol. I then have to go back and edit some out and go look for other non fruit ones.
I think if you look at most soap makers you can kinda get a feel for what they like themselves cause I think we all do this to some extent.


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

I'm surprised that Warm Vanilla Sugar doesn't do well for you, but then again, my Killa Vanilla is a slow mover too:(

Cucumber Melon didn't do well for me either, but I love that scent so much, that I'm going to keep it and re-work it. Some scents I just can't part with no matter how well or poorly they sale:D

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I know what you are saying. The warm vanilla sugar sells just not like some of the others do so I figure maybe it is time to move it out.

Many of the scents are ones I like such as the zombie punch(love this one). With that one I might try a name change before I do a total remove cause maybe zombie scares off some!??!?!

Heck cucumber melon is one of the first few I ever made and have had the whole time.

They just aren't moving fast enough so maybe I can find another one people really can't live without?

Amy Warden said...

I've found that if I rotate the scents a bit, then the people who really love them will buy them up because they don't know if/when I'll make them again. Or, they get to look forward to when they come back. I tend to love the fruity scents too!

Erica said...

Your blueberry slushy reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night. I like it a lot. :-)

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