Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Candle Time!

L to R
2 Vanilla Bean, 2 Chocolate Cappuccino, Green/Red Apple, Red Apple

2 Blueberry, Green Apple, Blueberry

Working on stocking the candles up they tend to sell better in the fall so time to get ready for the rush!

Going to see a number of apple themed candles coming as the town I live in has Apple Day and I will be setting up my booth that day. So time to bring on the apple scents like red and green apple, hot apple pie, and nutty taffy apple.

Apple day is a blast everyone in the town bakes an apple pie for a contest and then they give away a slice of apple pie to everyone that comes to Apple Day. Can't beat free apple pie right?!?! ahhh small town life so different from my time in Los Angeles!


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

That black and gray one looks AWESOME! It's like a miniature sculpture:)

Amy Warden said...

HOW COOL!! You have so many varieties! Apple Day sounds great!

Anne-Marie said...

They all look great - and the combos are fantastic. Very creative.

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