Tuesday, September 28, 2010

back from the chile festival

The pictures are from before it really got busy!

Whew what a long weekend of selling soap and candles! The Chile festival went really good and I ended up selling a ton of soap over the 3 days.

The size of the crowd was insane it never seemed to end starting from 10 am going all the way till 10 pm! Odd to say this but I almost think it was too busy, the crowd more or less just kept pushing forward making it hard for people to stop and shop. I moved my tables back as far as I could to let people stop better. I think the sales would have been even higher if people had been able to stop better but I am still not complaining! You would get dizzy watching the crowd go by the booth. I have no clue what the numbers were on attendance but it had to be really high each day.

Next up is Apple Day this Saturday it will be nice to only have to go one block for a craft show. I happen to live in downtown of my small town so that has some advantages.

Tonight I was in pouring more apple themed candles and I need to knock out some cupcake soaps as I pretty much sold out this last weekend.


Amy said...

Wow~ That crowd is crazy! Glad to hear you sold out of cupcake soaps! I hope you did well on everything else too!

Amy Warden said...

Congratulations on a successful festival!! I hope you have many more!

Anne-Marie said...

Congrats on the busy day of sales! Whoohoo! It must be the new pink shelving (wink)!

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