Tuesday, August 31, 2010

neon mail box

Check out all the neon goodies that were waiting in the mail box for me today. It was time to restock the neon colors :)

So not all batches go according to plan. Made a batch of orange soap well round one was too boring so I thought let me make a ton of orange slices. It looked great in the mold but it didn't do good when the cutting time came. The bottom came off and some of the orange slices fell off and to top it off the cutter messed up some by slicing them too thin. I think I can save 1-3 bars then maybe it will be round 3 for this batch. Maybe the third time is the charm?


Thirty-Six Ten said...

oh my! All that work!

I hope you get it worked out and can re-use some of that!

Anne-Marie said...

Putting on my sunglasses...those are some bright (and beautiful) colorants!

I'm sure you'll figure out a way to reuse some of that soap- you're so creative!

Amy Warden said...

What a bummer. :( I had a mishap today too, only I'm not planning to fix mine!

Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Neon is your signature, isn't it? ;) Good luck with the soap rescue! I'm sure you'll find something really funky to make.

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