Monday, May 24, 2010

bath bombs!

The show this weekend was fair it was mainly a Car Show that also had a small craft show area. They placed all the craft tents out of the direct foot traffic so I felt that kept some people from coming over. Booth fee wasn't very high and I got a few new customers so you really can't beat that I guess.

Bath Bombs were moving pretty good this weekend and the new ones in Zombie Punch moved the best. So tonight since I wasn't in the mood to make soap tough I really need to make some I decided to make bath bombs. Did some in Zombie Punch, Lavender, and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Tomorrow night I should be setting up the photo area and getting some good pictures of all these bath bombs as well as pictures of my new soaps that are scented in Vanilla Bean and Leather.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a neat little show! Glad you got some new customers. :)

Amy Warden said...

You never know when a new customer will turn into a REGULAR customer! I was at an event that failed miserably in the sales department, then on Saturday, one of the ladies who signed up to my Preferred Customer list at that event came by the farmer's market and bought from me. P.S. Your bombs look great!!

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