Friday, January 8, 2010

new soap molds!

So I got two new soap molds yesterday and I was having lots of funing playing around with them.
Lychee Red Tea(top), Jeweled Citrus(2nd) and the Camera soaps are all kinds of fun scents from blueberry cobbler to vanilla frosting.
Been working on inventory and I finally sat down and actually made a list of every scent I have available. I have updated my listings on etsy where you pick the scents with that full list of scents so check them out!


Thirty-Six Ten said...

Wow! Colorado seems to be agreeing with you! I guess you stay inside more now that you are in a cold climate!

yay for us, though, those glittery soaps are gorgeous and those cameras are just too cute!!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

ha no kidding last night I noticed that I didn't even go outside at all yesterday. It was cold and I kept myself busy crafting I guess :P

Anne-Marie said...

Don't you just love productive soapmaking days? They turned out great. Love the camera soaps!

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