Tuesday, December 1, 2009

photo area is back up!

Found sometime today to set up the photography stuff see bottom two pictures. So then it was time to get pictures taken of some pillar candles I have made and need to put up on Etsy still. Red/White/Pink is the Apple ones below I was talking about making. Other pillars are for the Coffee lovers the square one is Morning Coffee and the Taper one is Turkish Hazelnut Cafe. (this is just a few of the candles I took pictures of)

Well Cyber Monday was a big hit for me I was making and packing soap orders all day and night! I also kind of ran out of a number of soaps yesterday. I tried to stock up on most bars before my move but guess not enough. Had to order a bunch of supplies which should start showing up on friday. So you know what that means.......... I will be soaping all weekend and then some!
By the way is it just me or does it seem like things always run out at different times?!!?! I get enough soap oils then I run out of fragrance. Get that all stocked up then I run out of lye, or other random things just can't win it seems! :)


carmen said...

Unas velas preciosas. Saludos

belinha said...

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