Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new molds

So what happens when you are having a hard time keeping up with production?!?!!? Time to get more molds! My dad saw my struggle and made me 2 more molds so that I can really crank out the soap when I need to. What a great x-mas present right?!!?! one on the left is my normal mold.

Should be able to get all the new soap pictures done tonight I think and I have a few more soaps to still make. Today will be coconut lime and I am also thinking of making a batch of soap in Crackling Firewood scent which is a blend of woods, raspberry and vanilla.


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Ha! I have that Crackling Firewood scent too! I would love to see you make a soap out of it. I'm too chicken!

Tell your dad he could make some money selling those molds. Those are great!

Anonymous said...

Would your dad like to adopt me?? ;) I love the lids for those molds especially.

Zoe of Sleepy Moon Design said...

That is a great present! My mom got me a stamp with my logo on it! Very useful! :)

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